As Beauty Fades Away

by A Flourishing Scourge

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released September 4, 2015

Tye Jones: Guitar, Vocals
Josh Keifer: Drums
Kevin Carbrey: Bass
Andrew Dennis: Lead Guitar

Produced by: Tye Jones
Mastered by: Aaron Smith



all rights reserved


A Flourishing Scourge Seattle, Washington

A Flourishing Scourge is an all original progressive blackened death metal outfit hailing from the gloomy metropolis of Seattle, Washington. Inspired by a degrading society and the destructive negligence of man, AFS is a pummeling force of misanthropic visions and apocalyptic consequences while still finding rare, intimate moments of solace and hope amidst the carnage. ... more

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Track Name: Infected
ascend toward the golden light
exist beyond the bounds of life
lick your lips with the liars tongue
and slit your throat to drink the blood
gnash your teeth into the flesh
for their meat is the holy bread

the cold steel of night
its frost bitten blade
carves into the virgin skull
and we shall speak truth nevermore
the embers glow behind our backs
as gold turns to black

bitten by the snake infected with the venom
the poison that an apparent choice is given
but appearances sustain the breadth of the world
appearances sustain the divine word
that choice is given
the tree of life of all its fruit should be barren
but in this age untouched it lies old and rotten
the complacent race of man will soon be forgotten

they press their teeth into each others flesh
while blood drips from their blackened lips
and over serpent tongues down the throats of the willing
the fruit is rotting in the sun
as we all bow to man made gods
hell is the pit of despair found in holy houses

defiled words spit forth
from the mouths of the pestilent flies of discord
defy the essence of humanity
the vultures circle in the sky
as mankind slowly starts to die
the rebirth of this world
soon is begotten

infected by the serpents bite
the madness feeds on brittle minds
condemned sentenced to this life
ascend towards the endless night

Track Name: In Continuum
once thought immortal a reign that never ends
but forward the arrow points to the future
burning at the spead of light
in continuum

we travel a road covered in blood
pushing agains the angry breath of the dead
a road of rot and ruin
heads and bodies on spikes
their haunting black stares trace our steps
mouth agape as if to speak
but no sound rises beyond their cold blue lips
in continuum

the heads of fallen kings lie with broken crowns
thrones covered in rotten flesh and the putrid stench of death
every castle wall turned to dust by the wrath of time
mothers hold the skeletons of children in their arms

there will be no peace
there has never been
all shall die

in continuum

when the past converges with the future
and all of time is condensed into one
we will speak in the language
of the forlorn and forgotten
impaled and stuck in the ground
lining the road to nowhere
Track Name: Of the Tormented and Sick
the waters crash ashore
and sweep across the land
every attempt to inhale
is a gargled breath
the darkening skies
every gust of wind
a swing of the reapers scythe
our punishment, condemned

now bow
bow your head
and bend your broken necks
over the sharpened blade
of the reapers scythe

there is no blinding light
no coming of thee
no redemption for a life well lived
our corpses rot in line
eyes are pulled out from the head
and entrails spilled to dirt
limbless, lifeless void
filled with the chaos of god, death

now bow
bow your head
and bend your broken necks
over the sharpened blade
of the reapers scythe

the pathetic human horde
is struck down by the mighty sword
and the air is filled with the anguished screams
of the tormented and sick
you vile worthless rotten things
you've been severed from your angel wings
and fell from the grace of heaven
straight into your graves
Track Name: As Beauty Fades Away
have thine eyes fallen upon a dying glory?
o thy temptress pierce thine heart
with thy poison arrow and fill thee cup
with thy sacred blood

poureth thy blood over the soil
and a tree shall grow

and root and limb will bleed life over a barren earth
a union of life and death
in a consecration of the divine flesh
we breath lust
our movement shakes the earth
as beauty fades away

a solemn prayer heard in the wind
rustles the grass and trees
the winds song will enchant us all
as she spreads her legs

and the water pours into
the parched throat of the earth
filling pools of memories
of a dying past

have thine eyes fallen?
fallen upon death?

as beauty fades away