A Flourishing Scourge

by A Flourishing Scourge

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“A Flourishing Scourge” was recorded at Gojira’s Silver Cord Studios in Brooklyn, New York, from June 1st to June 10th, 2016. The album features 8 original compositions, written and performed by original members Tye Jones (Vocals, Guitars), Kevin Carbrey (Bass), and Andrew Dennis (Guitars). The album also features session drummer Samus Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth, Former Abigail Williams).

“A Flourishing Scourge” was engineered and mixed by Jamie Uertz (Gojira, Anthrax) with mixing and editing contributions from Tye Jones during the Fall of 2016, and was mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Amon Amarth) of Fascination Street Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.
The album will be released via the band’s own imprint, Begotten Records, on June 9th 2017.

“A Flourishing Scourge”

1. Tidal Waves
2. To the Stench of a Rotting Corpse
3. Insatiable
4. Onerous
5. Awakened
6. Vacant
7. The Hedonist
8. Solace


released June 9, 2017

Guitar / Vocals: Tye Jones
Lead Guitar: Andrew Dennis
Bass: Kevin Carbrey

All music by A Flourishing Scourge, with the exception of “Tidal Waves”, “To the Stench of a Rotting Corpse” and “Onerous” written by A Flourishing Scourge and Josh Keifer.

Drums performed and recorded by Samus Paulicelli, www.66Samus.com

Additional Vocals by Andrew Dennis and Kevin Carbrey

Additional instrumentation composed and recorded by Tye Jones

Lyrics by Tye Jones, Kevin Carbrey, and Josh Keifer

Recorded and engineered by Jamie Uertz at Silver Cord Studio, Ridgewood, NY

Mixed by Jamie Uertz and Tye Jones

Produced by A Flourishing Scourge and Jamie Uertz
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

Original Cover Artwork by Andrada Saftescu

Album design by Tye Jones

Artist Management and Booking by Kevin Carbrey


©2017 Begotten Records



all rights reserved


A Flourishing Scourge Seattle, Washington

A Flourishing Scourge is an all original progressive blackened death metal outfit hailing from the gloomy metropolis of Seattle, Washington. Inspired by a degrading society and the destructive negligence of man, AFS is a pummeling force of misanthropic visions and apocalyptic consequences while still finding rare, intimate moments of solace and hope amidst the carnage. ... more

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Track Name: Tidal Waves
Loathe this bitter place, this monolith of decadence
Reluctant witness to the greatest sins of man
Alone amongst the stirring souls, defiantly gripping gold
Victim to the predication of this sickened seed

Contrived existence

Nothing left to see but the decay wrought in the wake of progress
Sifting through the evidence of what was left behind
I know no hubris or sense of mission
I heal my scars with time

Contrived existence
Contrived existence I will deny

Long live your legacy of glory, king of disdain
As empires crumble I stand unfaltering

This temple, bound by silence
Historian of failure
Transcend the construct of timestream and consciousness
Beyond the island of light, rise

Loathe this place what has become of paradise, what once was one
Thrown away, torn apart, return to me I will reclaim

This temple, bound by silence
Historian of failure
Transcend the construct of timestream and consciousness
Beyond the island of light, rise
The water paces with fury and discontent
Become the ocean of life, rise

This tempest breeze is intoxicating
The writhing seas twist in agony
Death is this horizon I offer you
My vacuous offspring of malcontent

Now witness the end of this abomination
The epilogue to an autonomous thought
As tragedy takes the hand of lamentation
The billowing waves envelope the sun

Through this darkness there will be light
My love knows no end
This song I sing of filicide
Shall be thy lullaby

Now sleep, forever
Track Name: To The Stench of a Rotting Corpse
Upon the hill I lie.
In the shade of an old willow tree
Long lived and tired.
Bones and muscles ache, due to time's decay.
It is here, I wish to stay.
To bask in the sun's warm glow,
And rot properly.....
I press my paper thin, wrinkled skin
Upon the rough bark of this old tree;
And watch as the sun sets for eternity.
To become the dust I came from.
Buried in the ground lacks dignity
I believe... Please let me give back what was given to me.... Life.
Let the worms, ants, and wasps feast on my flesh.
Let the crows feed their young.
There is nothing left for me,
So why keep it selfishly

Let my bones hear the songs of the birds and the wind in the trees
Bathe in the pouring rain, and feel the warm caress of the sun.

For when nature is done with me, I will truly be set free
Track Name: Insatiable
now see the fruits of our vile labor bleeding from this earth
cauterize the seeping sores of our scorned mother
rip away the putrid scabs, subjugate the carrion mass
divine are we the ravenous ones

feed on life
embrace this anomalous design
we decide
the travesty of our appetite
the ravenous ones

grown from calculated birth in prisons built of blood and filth
flesh is a passage that cannot be dammed
steaming piles of atrophy, feeding systematic greed
alone, we will devour this world

born to die
to feed this anomalous design
we are blind
to our genocidal appetite
the ravenous ones

burning through the corpses of the ancients
the sweet stench of death from the pyre
smells of primitive and depraved desire

breathing in the caustic emanation
suffocate the population
praise be to the malignant flame, as we scorch the heavens

perforate the sky
and bask in the light

a kingdom so vast
a landscape so small
a meager offering
for the insatiable

purveyors of death
the vessels of god
this harrowing hand
shall sow our last dawn

at the twilight of time
epilogue of this feast
relieved of this hunger
we will finally be
Track Name: Onerous
High atop the pinnacle
Reaching for eternity
Onerous, the weight I bear
Beneath the mountain I crumble

Black out the skies
This body grows cold

Machines of men
Scorch the earth
Behold the miracle
Of our rebirth

Contagion arise
We will black out the skies
This soaring atrocity shall absolve us all of our fate
Translate the burden of the malevolent race

Searching existence for another vein
Devour the stars extinguish the astral plane
Atop the apex of this masterpiece
I bide my time with silent resolve
of this burden be free
Track Name: Vacant
awakened vacant
adrift and forsaken
absent and incomplete
stranger to this foreign realm
of parasitic harmony

Despondent, wounded, left for dead
Wandering this blighted land
Blindly the masses fall
On swords of desperation

Unrelenting multitudes
A lecherous society
Hordes of sickened sycophants
Devour life and cull the weak

Bleed for salvation
And sin for your fears
Pray for transcendence
And covet your tears

Content to be nameless
Forever unheard
Content to be faceless
Existence obscured

Receptors poisoned to the core
These calloused eyes can see no more
Bloated, lifeless, washed away from this cold shore
Lost in a universe of chaos, lust and greed
Content with nothingness, refuse this grim reality
Become the unknown
Track Name: Solace
Clawing my way through the impossible darkness of this place
The alluring shadows they beckon to me
The spiraling madness envelopes my consciousness, as I fight to stay awake
What atrocity has deserved me this fate?

Drowning in waves of decay
Suffer through this mortal plague
A nightmare upon us has taken the stage
A twisted amalgamation of death, despair and suffering

Solace I find in you, at the end of this masquerade
Silence the only truth, as this world fades away

Free from this mask I wear
Burdened no more by fear
Dawning the exit of light

Ethereal become
Witness oblivion
Welcome the embrace of night

In my comfort lies the sorrows of mortality
Fleeting moments mark the bane of this reality
Crumbling towers shake the frail walls that keep us inside from the promise of forever
Forever inside

As I look back at a moment of anarchy
And converge into the river of eternity
At last, I may know peace